Pesto in the blender (01)

Pesto in the blender (01)

Great depth of color and aroma!

Winery spokespersons will often talk about food pairings. Gioia Bonmartini —of Barone Fini Wines of Italyö— took the next, logical, step.

She not only talked about food pairings for her Pinot Grigio and Merlot at a meeting with Select Wines, Inc. (a northern Virginia wine distributor) , she demonstrated.

She prepared Pasta with Fresh Pesto.

2 parts fresh basil
1 part Italian parsley
a "healthy handful’ of fresh mint
several chunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano
bag of pine nuts (untoasted)
olive oil (wonderfully fruity, fresh, and green, that she had brought back from Italy)
Process thoroughly. The flavors were so bright, full, and fresh, that she used no garlic. (The olive oil was so fragrant, that no garlic seemed needed.) Tasted with the Merlot, the nuttiness of the pesto came forward.

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