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wedding cake solihull

wedding cake solihull

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Raw Kaleh

Raw Kaleh

Kalleh Pacheh

Kalleh Pacheh or the sheep’s head and hooves soup is probably the most traditional of Iranian breakfast dishes.
Kalleh Pacheh can be prepared using various recipes.

1 clean lamb’s head, 6 clean lamb’s hooves,
2 large whole onions, 4 cloves garlic,
1 cinnamon stick,
4 bay leaves,
1 tbsp turmeric, and
ample amounts of salt and pepper.

Method of preparation:
In a large pot, soak head and hooves in cold water over night. Drain from the soaking water and cover in clean water. Bring to the boil and then change the water. In the fresh water add all ingredients with head and hooves, and bring to boil. Simmer for 8 hours to become tender, and then serve with fresh bread and lime juice.

There are many restaurants in various cities in Iran where customers go and eat Kalleh Pacheh every morning. Its popularity is under threat, however, from the spread of fast food and from the medical doctors warning about the dish’s high cholesterol. Some people drink a cup of strong tea (in Persian: Chai-e Por Rang) after eating Kalleh Pacheh to neutralize the detrimental effects of high cholesterol. Research works suggest that drinking black tea may reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases.

Kale Pache, A Delicious Iranian Food

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My version of tapas for the girly cocktail party I had at my house. Empanadas, shrimp, cheeses, olives – I got the recipes off of the Food Network website – "Tapas Party". Yay internet!

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27/365 Nourishing: Filling/Healthy/Wholesome

27/365  Nourishing:  Filling/Healthy/Wholesome

I wanted the focus in this photo to be the energy bite. I kind of got carried away making these energy bites over the weekend. I made chocolate peanut butter, apple pie and pumpkin pie energy bites. I am so glad to now have a healthy quick snack ready to go. You cannot believe all the recipes out there on Pinterest. Many more to try!! I love food photography when you get to eat and drink the props. Fruit water is so good!

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Nasi goreng, sambal ulek and rice.

Nasi goreng, sambal ulek and rice.

Served nasi goreng in a bowl. Bowl with sambal ulek sauce and bowl cooked rice. Ingredients nasi goreng recipe are sambal ulek, cooked rice, chopped tomato, sliced onion, fried pork pieces, macerated nasi goreng spice mix and two eggs. White kitchen board. High point of view.

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NYC: Brisketlab @ Foursquare HQ #3

NYC: Brisketlab @ Foursquare HQ #3

One of the last BrisketLab events of the summer was held at the Foursquare Headquarters, on the 10th floor of 110 Crosby Street, on September 14. Street jazz band, Baby Soda, entertained the crowd with an eclectic set.

BrisketLab was a BBQ recipe development series created by Vendr TV’s Daniel Delaney that took place at various pop-up locations throughout New York City during the summer of 2012. Delaney opened up online registration for "shares" of brisket for $25 per pound and sold out of 2,500 pounds in 48 hours. He spent the summer tweaking his technique using an 18-foot-long, 200-pound capacity smoker and piles of post oak wood he drove up from Texas.

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